Sacristy Arcade Completed

For Immediate Release

From Patronato San Xavier

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July 18, 2014

After more than three years of work, the Sacristy Arcade restoration was completed at San Xavier Mission this spring. Morales Restoration & Builders put the last remaining piece – the original doors to the Chapter Room – into its original place. Sometime in the 20th century the doors were removed from the Chapter Room located behind the arcade and used to front the entrance to the museum.

To stabilize the original elements and isolate the structure seismically, MRB removed the deteriorating portions of previous restorations, including multiple roofs and noncompatible materials.

MRB also found areas beneath the church walls where the foundation had either decomposed or wasnʼt there at all. By rehabilitating the arcade, the crew actually stabilized important unseen elements under the walls of the main church and helped protect the precious treasures inside.

The first addition to the church, the arcade was built around 1801 from low-fired brick, mud adobe and river rock.