Patronato San Xavier Scarf

Allan Mardon’s iconic image of Mission San Xavier has been faithfully printed onto silk to create a scarf destined to become a collector’s item. The scarf, measuring 36 x 36, captures at its center an image of the church at San Xavier surrounded by whimsical images of aspects of the Mission’s historic heritage; the o’odham people, Father Kino, along with elements of the flora and fauna of the Sonoran landscape.
$130.00 each plus shipping and handling. For immediate delivery, order today.

Allan Mardon Signed Print

Allan Mardon Limited Edition Prints

World renowned artist, the late Allan Mardon, was a fine art painter known for his large-scale work with subjects relating to American myths and history, including Indian battles. Allan moved to Tucson in the late 1980s and became deeply inspired by the graphic beauty and history of his new surroundings.
These historic prints are selling for $250 plus S&H.

Our Mission

Patronato San Xavier funds and directs ethical conservation, conducts scientific research, and conveys the significance of Mission San Xavier del Bac, a National Historic Landmark in the community of Wa:k, part of the Tohono O’odham Nation.

Docent Tours

Free Docent tours return to the Mission!

COVID closed the Patronato San Xavier’s popular docent lead tours almost three years ago but starting this month, they are back. Because sections of the mission remain closed, the thirty minutes tours share information outside the church about the people who populated the borderlands area, the arrival of Father Kino and the building of the present church.
Summer tours run Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 11:00 am.

Special Group Tours and School Tours remain temporarily suspended.

Iconic Facade

The Next Priority Project

With the conservation of the art work in the highest sections of the Mission (the dome and the octagonal drum) completing this month, we are now narrowing focus to the next major project, the iconic facade. Already a number of research phase are underway that will inform the protocols to be used. These will be tested on a sample panel of the facade in the fall. The scope of the project is being expanded; the estipite columns are now likely to be replaced crafting ones that more closely align with the photographic evidence fro the 1870’s. The current balcony will also be replaced with a replica again that will draw on the earliest photographic evidence. We now feel that both the cost estimates and the timing of this major project will need to change and will be contingent on the discoveries that become apparent as research study reveals additional information.

Our thanks to Robert Shea for this incredible shot of the blood moon over Mission San Xavier del Bac on January 31, 2018.

In The News

Close look at Mission San Xavier’s intricate entrance reveals surprises

By Henry Brean | Arizona Daily Star
Art conservators found something staring back at them when they climbed the scaffolding last month to study the façade of Southern Arizona’s most famous church. As it turns out, the doomsday mouse at San Xavier del Bac has round, metal nails for eyes. That was news to Tim Lewis and Matilde Rubio, who have worked on artwork at the mission for decades.

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