Need a Good Speaker?

Long-time docent Craig Reid has been bringing the Mission to life for audiences at senior centers and housing associations across Southern Arizona and is expanding the outreach program with other docents to include service clubs interested in a good story.


Craig is a retired police chief from Minnesota, a terrific story teller, and has traveled extensively exploring church architecture in many places around the world. Craig joined the Patronato docent team more than six years ago, and ran the training program for many years.

Topics include:

Conserving & Preserving the East Tower. When you look at Mission, it is clear that the west tower is conserved and preserved. Not so for the east tower. As funds allow, Patronato will remove concrete plaster from the east tower, replace some bricks, and re-plaster the exterior with a mixture of lime, sand and a glue made from the juice of prickly pear cactus.

Moving Mary. Our statue of Mary made national headlines in 2015 when problems were detected. The very large Immaculate Conception statue was creatively removed from high above the altar, carefully conserved over five months, and returned.

Other topics these traveling docents can discuss include the symbology at San Xavier, early history of the village of Wa:k before the arrival of the Spanish, and the Spanish Colonial period at San Xavier del Bac and in the village of Wa:k.

Let us know if your organization would like to hear about the Mission and Patronato’s effort to restore and preserve it.

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