Make A Legacy Gift

Under the direction of the Franciscan Father Juan Bautista Velderrain, the foundations of the Mission San Xavier were laid in 1783. Centuries later, supporters are providing a new financial foundation to help ensure the future of the Mission.

The 1783 Society recognizes generous people who are choosing to leave a legacy in their will, trust or estate plan or to make a current gift of $10,000 or more to the Patronato’s Endowment Fund. Membership in the 1783 Society offers a way to make a difference, far beyond the measure of one lifetime.

Across the last four decades, we have received estate gifts that support our conservation and preservation work. Some of these were substantial gifts from people who, until their passing, had not appeared on our donor list. We are deeply appreciative and would like to have said “thank you” during their lives.

To those of you who have included Patronato San Xavier in your will, consider joining 1783 Society so that we may acknowledge and thank you during your lifetimes and ensure that we honor the intent of your gifts.

As a beneficiary, and in the absence of special instructions, we will split bequests and other estate gifts between our current needs and our permanent restricted endowment. Endowment gifts provide for the ongoing maintenance of our beloved Mission in perpetuity.

Click here to contact us. We would love to talk with you and answer your questions.

The 1783 Society icon is the unfinished image of a winged angel, quill pen in hand, writing names into the book of life. This image appears high on the west wall of the Baptistry (pictured).